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Dragona Download Links & Mirrors

Dragona ph pre-Beta Client in Three Parts are up. Click the images below for download.

*Once you've downloaded the files, you may now open and start extracting any of the three files split
*Just make sure that you have all of the three files in the same directory or folder.

*Open a any of the files and you may see the client. Start by clicking "Extract to" and select your desired output folder for the client. You may also "Drag and Drop" the file directly to your desktop or any folder.

*Once your done, you've successfully managed to acquire Dragona PH client. However if you've been prompted about an error during file extraction, you missed a single file.

*It's either you wait to log-in .

*At this point, you've obtained the client in it's full working piece.

*If you don't have an account....

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Dragona OBT Online HELP!

Dragona is the new MMORPG developed by Liveplex and Studio Timber. The first English version of the game will be published by one of the leading online game company in the Philippines: Gameclub

Gameclub is also the publisher of Special Force Online, CrossFire, Weapons of War, Twelve Sky2 and iDate Online.

This Free to Play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) offers PVP Battles, Sieges and Instanced Dungeons. One of its unique features is the Transformation system. This feature allows the players to transform their characters to partial or full Dragon possession empowering them with unique attributes and abilities.

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