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Dragona OBT Event - Race to Level 40

Race to Level 40, be the first of your class to reach max level!

And WIN 2nd Full Transformation Item of your class, view more to see the event details of this OBT Event
Dragona ph pre-Beta Client in Three Parts are up. Click the images below for download.

*Once you've downloaded the files, you may now open and start extracting any of the three files split
*Just make sure that you have all of the three files in the same directory or folder.

*Open a any of the files and you may see the client. Start by clicking "Extract to" and select your desired output folder for the client. You may also "Drag and Drop" the file directly to your desktop or any folder.

*Once your done, you've successfully managed to acquire Dragona PH client. However if you've been prompted about an error during file extraction, you missed a single file.

*It's either you wait to log-in .

*At this point, you've obtained the client in it's full working piece.

*If you don't have an account....

Dragon CBT Online
Transform your online gaming experience with Dragona CBT starts on July 28, 2011, see here for more info
It's JUNE already, Dragona Online is still not open, WTF!

a message was post from gameclub [GM]Xyn
Greetings Players!

In line with our previous announcement with regards to the cbt notice of Dragona PH, and the current situation about the other games of GameClub, Instead of having our Pre-Beta (CBT) on the mid-month of June, the Top Management has decided to push it back to the last week of June. A specific date will be announced soon.

Dragona will be launched in the Philippines!

Thank you for your patience and continuous support!

See you all in-game soon!

Dragona PH
Game Management

AMPOTA nakakasawa na ibang game, mag open na kayo. Ano ba talaga hinihintay ng GameClub Dragona? Sa mga taong ayaw makapag hintay, just watch this video till you eyes out!

Icon Skill Learning Level Kinds of skills Skill
Chakeu attack him 1 Chakeu of him wielding a 8-9 damage.
Welcome Sunder 1 Speed ​​of the weapon wielded 26-46 damage. This attack has a 5% critical chance.
Shadow Slash 2 Subtle movements of the attacks, spread 47-49 damage. This attack has 10% critical chance.
Assassination plans 2 Hidden state of peace in the face of assassination attempts, but the speed is reduced.
Quiet move 2 Small gestures go a secret to increase by 1.5% dodge, stealth, to reduce the possibility of the positives.
Dragon's dignity 2 Dragon dangdanghameul strength and is openly critical chance increased by 1%.
Physical fitness 2 Physical fitness can survive longer in a dangerous situation will be. Maximum HP will increase by 15%.
Strong vitality 2 Strong non-combat health regeneration of the HP 15, HP in battle to increase reproducibility 3.
Mental discipline 2 A lot of mental discipline and mental-consuming techniques can be used constantly. Increases maximum MP by 15%.
Battle Meditation 2 Battle Meditation, a non-combat regeneration MP 8, MP in battle to increase the reproducibility of 1.
Source awakening 2 Prepared by potential energy is increased up to 10% of Core.
Flame resistance 2 Flame resistant properties for the attack is a 5% increase.
Frost Resistance 2 Resistant to cold attacks properties will increase by 5%.
Lightning Resistance 2 Surprise attack on the property is 5% increase in resistance.
Poisoning resistance 2 Resistant to attack addiction properties will increase by 5%.
Shadow Resistance 2 Shadow property attacks will increase 1.5 percent for the resistance.
Property hit training 2 Property is increased by 1% chance to hit attack.
Swoop 5 Of stealth to attack the target causing 136-148 damage. This attack has 80% critical chance.
Depleted talent 5 To cause the target mental damage of 40-45 damage and 40 of the MP, will burnout.

Instantaneous acceleration 5 Movement speed by changing stride length 35 minute increments.
Ligament cutting 10 Cut the hamstring of 311-331 damage and 22 movement speed is slower.
Jukeumuiseon 10 Hiding the target of attacks in the 244-266 damage and will stun.
Explosion-year-old 10 Feelings of pity and sympathy for themselves by removing the critical rate increase by 15%.
Destroy the senses 15 Welcome and inspiring voices of attacks 480-510 damage and 3.1 seconds to prevent the use of technology.
Focused avoidance 15 While avoiding attacks by focusing increased by 25% to dodge.
Hemorrhagic eruption 15 Hp jet containing the body by the blood of around 660-705 damage and reduces the MP 75.
Elements patience 20 The flame resistance properties, resistance elements 30%, 30% cold resistance, lightning resistance, 30%, 30% resistance increase addiction.
Gimmick 20 Close to make a blurry shape reduces the likelihood of attacking their enemies.
Escape the crisis 20 In case of an emergency, a short distance to the desired location of the space-bound to go.
Horror 20 Raises the target stunned for a moment with an eerie terror.

Shadow disappearance 25 Hidden face of the battle to avoid the risk to prepare for the next attack, but the speed is reduced a lot.
Hell's despair 25 Enemy forces of darkness, summoned around 871-921 of them will damage and stun.
Slash moment 30 Added to the target to a quick attack with damage of 669-714 damage to the darkness of 309. This attack has 50% critical chance.
Wind Sunder 30 Away from the blowing wind to the target by firing a sharp energy of 360-405 with a 309 Shadow damage and damage. This attack has 50% critical chance.
Shadow Resistance 35 Dark Dragon's power to wake up dormant for some time at a 15% increase resistance.
Shadow Group 35 Shadow of the target to attack with damage of 280-315 damage and 384 Shadow can not move your feet tied state.

Dragona OBT Online HELP!

Dragona is the new MMORPG developed by Liveplex and Studio Timber. The first English version of the game will be published by one of the leading online game company in the Philippines: Gameclub

Gameclub is also the publisher of Special Force Online, CrossFire, Weapons of War, Twelve Sky2 and iDate Online.

This Free to Play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) offers PVP Battles, Sieges and Instanced Dungeons. One of its unique features is the Transformation system. This feature allows the players to transform their characters to partial or full Dragon possession empowering them with unique attributes and abilities.

Get Ready to Tranform your Online Gaming Experience this Summer..