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Guardian Skill Guide, Passive Skills and Active Spells

Guardian Skill List - Active Skills

Guardian Passive Skills

Quick Guardian Skill Guide:

Basically, Guardians are more likely "Tanks". If you can see, Guardians are front lines of the battlefield in Guild Wars, Sieges, Dungeons and Instance Runs. They are the one they called "A knight in shining armor". But Dragona Guardians are much more hardcore as you think. Guardians are like Knights that the only class that can wear all the armors from Cloth to Leather Armors, and the only class that can wear Plate Armor parts.

If you are planing to play this class, you must have the following:

1. Patience
2. Courage
3. Faith

Sounds funny but I think I like it. Being the tank is not an easy job. And its not like Mages, Rogues and Scouts casting rotational skills.

A Guardian must have 100% Patience on other players, guildmates and party instance members. He must have the Courage to endure all the shame of a wipe out party in every instance that they do. Guardians must have Faith on their party healers, that they will be surely be healed not unless they are AFK (lol).

Guardians role in this game:

A good tank in all instance runs and boss dungeons
A good class for a guild
A must have class in every game

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  1. bkt ganun lagi nlang nawawala dragona?

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