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Dragona Character Races

Humans in Dragona
They wield the sword, but their physical ability is less good than Kali. They wield the magic, but their intelligence is less good than Eldin. Their lives run sprints, and they act with emotion rather than reason.And yet that is it, they have nothing.It is the reason why they have passion to burst out.It can be an inferiority complex, or just rage.They allied themselves with Dwarf to overcome their weakness, and brought in the latest technology of Dwarf.
They invented a method for shooting a bullet containing magic power instead of activating magic power through casting, and now their knowledge of magic is up to Eldin's. Also, they invented magnificent armors which can be compared with the immortal body of Kali's.Unlimited imagination and passion turning it into reality.Human is no longer a weak race in Magic Earth!

Kali in Dragona
The mightiest race in the world, Kali is known that dragons' blue blood is flowing in their veins.They created small tribes rather than a country, but there is no one that can despise Kali.They are strong. Every individual is strong.Only one word, the strongest, can express everything about them. That is Kali.Their wind of sword cleaves a rock, and any weaponry cannot hurt their skin.
Standing the front line in the battle field and seeking their stars, Kali always gets the most supreme praise and honor. Soon after Kali are born, they follow their fate called by dragon blood flowing in their body. That is 'Kali's star'.They are not allowed even an instant rest, and they have to make a sacrifice of everything of theirs. In Human's language, it is similar to 'hope', but it is much more like earnest and fierce. The fate for seeking the stars. The reason for presence. Flowing dragon's blood in their vein, it is both the blessing and the curse.

Eldin in Dragona
Eldin consider themselves as the most legitimate successors to the ancient age. In a word, the time of dragon is the magic age. Claiming that they are the successors to the age, you can estimate the level of their magic.For example, Eldin Dragona can tame magical creature, .This magical creature reacting to dragon heart amplifies Eldin's magic power and allows that they can use much powerful magic than Human's.
When Eldin magicians are supporting by Yaksha, they even can change the terrain or weather.They are considered as the most beautiful race in the world, and scattered like breaking glass when they spent 300 years of life span. Old Eldin's hair color is lightened, but there are no more physical changes. They are not afraid of making any kind of sacrifice to achieve the absolute good and truth. That is why they are locked up in the maze of thought and get confused when the good conflicts with another good..

Dragonas can activate the possession items using the power of dragon heart as a generator inside their body. Once the possession items are activated, the power of dragon changes the part of body or the entire body like a dragon and they can use enormous ability.
It is called Dragon possession. Dragon possession generates massive fatigue mentally and physically. This consumes different energy from inside of body, namely, core.Therefore, no matter how much they are strong, they cannot maintain the power of dragon for a long time. The only way to maintain the state of Dragon possession is to absorb cores from other creatures.

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Dragona OBT Online HELP!

Dragona is the new MMORPG developed by Liveplex and Studio Timber. The first English version of the game will be published by one of the leading online game company in the Philippines: Gameclub

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This Free to Play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) offers PVP Battles, Sieges and Instanced Dungeons. One of its unique features is the Transformation system. This feature allows the players to transform their characters to partial or full Dragon possession empowering them with unique attributes and abilities.

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